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Multi purpose ladder and axe tools made of high carbon steel and waterproof paint for improved safety, durability and reliability. We specialize in design and manufacturing fiberglass vs wood handle axe, machinist hammer, crowbar, pickaxe, steel/aluminium ladder, etc.

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Reputable utility brand specializes in manufacturing Industrial and home hand tools and ladders, including sharp wood handle axe, safety claw hammer, heavy duty crow and wrecking bar, high quality steel pickaxe, etc.

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We import hickory logs from USA, Ash logs from Germany, we have one year stock. We cut timber and produce handles, Handle humidity standard is 12-15%. For wood handle, we could make pad printing, hot stamping and laser. for head, we could make laser. We produce all fixation spare parts, wood wedge and metal ring, we have below fixation type, wood wedge+metal ring or AB glue.
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The ladders is a very important tool in many workplaces and households. Made of aluminium, steel or other materials. Choosing the right ladder for your job is one of the most important
Maybe you have different types of ladder, such as multi purpose ladder, telescopic ladder, extension ladder, step ladder, platform and other ladders, you will select ladders as your work place. Do you
Firstly considering your work height, if you select wrong ladders, it will be dangerous. Or one that is too short or unsuitable for the task so choosing the right ladder makes all the difference when
Comparing Aluminum ladders and Steel LaddersSteel and aluminum are popular materials for ladders. They both are affordable and come in many types. No matter what the job is, you need a ladder to
Ladders are one of the most important devices at home or on commercial construction sites. Extension ladders, telescopic ladders and multi function ladders are also common
In some relatively high areas, ladders are indispensable. From now on, aluminum ladders are more common and the results are very good. So how to choose the right aluminum ladder? What are the
Consider just how many different ladder types there are: step ladder, multi purpose ladder, telescopic ladder, extension ladder, multi-function ladders......Three key elements of ladder selection
TOOLSLADDER have various of hand tools, such as axe, hammer, wrecking bar, crow bar, pickaxe ,  mattock, chisel and etc.Hickory Hatchet AxeCombining carbon steel and hickory wood to deliver the

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