Heavy duty extension small hinge multi purpose ladder 4x3 TUV/GS 330 lb. max capacity

Material Aluminum
Feature Folding ladders, multi purpose ladders
Step height 280mm
Payment Terms TT , LC , Others

Heavy duty extension Small hinge Multi Purpose ladder 4x3 TUV/GS 330 lb. Max Capacity

Ladder frame thickness:1.2x1.0mm, step thickness 1.2X1.2mm

1pc/Shrink+color cover

Ladder surface finish with powder coating or oxidation.

Uses: industrial ladder and household ladder

Features: Folding Ladders

Products Description:

PANGU Item No. Product Name Product description
 PG5-00002A 4x2 Multi purpose ladder(small hinge) 1、Ladder frame thickness:1.0x1.2mm.
2、Ladder rung thickness:1.2X1.2mm.
3、Ladder leg thickness:1.2X1.2mm.
4、Ladder total lenght:3470mm
5、Ladder frame spacing:300mm
6、Step height:280mm
7、Ladder leg lenght:600mm
8、"A" hight:1690mm
9、"N"Platform height:965mm
10、Package size:94X28X35.5CM
12、Max laoding :150kgs
13、Packing:1PC/shrink+color cover
 PG5-00002 4x3 Multi purpose ladder(big hinge) 1、Ladder frame thickness:1.3x1.5mm.
2、Ladder rung thickness:1.2X1.2mm.
3、Ladder leg thickness:1.2X1.2mm.
4、Ladder total lenght:3570mm
5、Step height:280mm
6、Ladder leg length:600mm
7、"A" hight:1730mm
8、"N"Platform height:955mm
9、Package size:94X28X35.5CM
11、Max laoding :150kgs
12、Packing:1PC/shrink+color cover
 PG5-00003  4x4 Multi purpose ladder(big hinge) 1、Ladder frame thickness:1.3x1.5mm.
2、Ladder rung thickness:1.2X1.2mm.
3、Ladder leg thickness:1.2X1.2mm.
4、Ladder total lenght:4680mm
5、Step height:280mm
6、Ladder leg length:600mm
7、"A" hight:2300mm
8、"N"Platform height:1230mm
9、Package size:122X28X35.5CM
11、Max laoding:150kgs
12、Packing:1PC/shrink+color cover
 PG5-00004 4x5 Multi purpose ladder(big hinge) 1、Ladder frame thickness:1.3x1.5mm.
2、Ladder rung thickness:1.2X1.2mm.
3、Ladder leg thickness:1.2X1.2mm.
4、Ladder total lenght:5820mm
5、Step height:280mm
6、Ladder leg length:600mm
7、"A" hight:2830mm
8、"N"Platform height:1550mm
9、Package size:150.5X28X35.5CM
11、Max laoding:150kgs
12、Packing:1PC/shrink+color cover


1.Dual-purpose,be used as ladder and stool for sit.

2.Wide and anti-slip step.

3. Easy to store.

4.Large but suitable plastic foot to have more touch surface when used.

5.Light weight & portable

Quality control

1.Use new aluminium material,without recycled aluminium.

2.New plastic material without recycling.

3.Inspect the aluminium profile,plastic and other accessories before assembling.

4.Adjust the balance of the ladder,check the finished ladder before packing.


heavy duty folding 2 Step steel family use household ladder, We give 1 years warranty to our customers freely. Any quality problem, we will replace for free within 1 years. Also, any accessories, Please make sure use the ladders in correct way.we always support our customers.


1. Erect ladder on a level base.

2. Erect ladder on a firm base.

3. Face ladder when ascending or descending ladder.

Pangu has 54 years of experience in manufacturing aluminium folding ladder, located in Laoling city, Shandong Province,which covers an area of more than 200,000㎡. With 6 extrusion machines, we buy aluminium bar, for surface finish,we have mill finish, Anodized, Anodized acid sang, powder coating, electrophoresis, insulation and etc.all these surface finished are produces by our own factory. For Aluminium ladders, we have aluminium multi purpose ladder, telescopic ladder,extension ladder,steel ladder and etc.we have EN131 certification for ladders.

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