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How to select the best axe for your home?

Our range includes various axes for every size and purpose. Whether you’re felling trees, whipping up some kindling, chopping logs or splitting, you’ll get more done faster with these extremely powerful tools.

Here you can find our tips on how to choose the best axe for you.

Range of axes

When choosing an axe, the first question is whether you want to split bigger or smaller pieces of wood.

Splitting axe blades are typically heavier, best for splitting large and medium size logs. Longer handle give more speed and power. TOOLSLADDER axes are designed to have great balance, giving you more precision and perfect control for your splitting axe.

Chopping axe blades are slightly lighter and smaller, optimised for small to medium size logs, as well as making smaller pieces of wood for starting a fire. These axes are also great for trekking and camping.

Choosing between splitting axe vs Chopping axe

Splitting axes have blades that are typically larger and recognisable from a definite wedge shape or bulge. TOOLSLADDER has highly optimized design and shapes to give more one-strike splits.

Chopping axe have blades that are slightly lighter and smaller, optimised for working with smaller logs as well as for making kindling.

How to find the perfect axe for splitting?

More experienced users can choose the recommended size or slightly bigger axe. Less experienced users typically prefer the recommended size or somewhat smaller axe.

Splitting axe:

Splitting wood is essential if you want to use the logs you have for fuel. Also, the process has a satisfying feeling when you cut down a seemingly daunting chunk of wood into smaller pieces.

Splitting axe head, this is the probably most important factor to consider when shopping for a splitting axe. This axe is not meant to be used for cutting wood fibers, which is why it is recommended to split along the lines. In this way, it is unlike a felling axe that cuts through the wood fibers.

I love using the super splitting axe. It is a larger, heavier axe that gives you more efficiency, which means more one-strike splits. The more one-strike splits, the less time it takes to split enough wood for the coming winter. It is virtually unbreakable. Unlike most axes when you overstrike, there isn't a chance of the shaft breaking which can be both dangerous and costly.

Chopping axe:

Once you have the wood stacked and ready to go, you will need a pile of kindling as well. This is the job for the TOOLSLADDER chopping axe. It is lightweight, easy to use, and has all the chopping power of its larger cousins. All that is left to do is just stack my firewood and kindling for the coming winter.

Not only have I cleared out overgrown and dead trees by felling them, but I have stockpiled my split wood supply and am ready for the outdoor and indoor fire season. It's your turn to add these powerful and effective tools for your wood preparing activities.

I hope my tips are useful for you.

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