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What are the types of hammer?

When we think of tools in general, one of the first names that pop up in our heads is a hammer. It is one of the oldest tools with a variety of roles, even beyond their work at simple constructions. Since the hammers have varying roles in varying places, there are many kinds available in the market.

A hammer is one of the most common tools you are likely to find in almost every home. The many different types of hammers each serve a specific purpose.

When purchasing a hammer, always consider what purpose it will serve first, so you can make a more informed decision on which type to buy. Below are some of the different types of hammers.

These are hammers that you’ve probably seen before and likely even used. You may want to consider purchasing some of these, though it depends on what projects you’re regularly doing.

1. Sledge Hammer

A sledge hammer features a long handle and a metallic, double-sided head that is similar to that of a mallet and is designed for large and heavy blows. It can be used to drive stakes, or break up masonry and concrete, making it an excellent demolition tool.

2.Club Hammer

A club hammer is in some cases known as a lump hammer. It features a short, double-sided head, which is similar to that of a sledgehammer. Although these types of hammers are not the best for commercial work, they can be useful when driving masonry heads and steel chisels. These hammers can also perform light demolition work.

3. Blacksmith Hammer

The blacksmith’s hammer is similar in terms of characteristics to a sledgehammer, the only difference being the length of its handle and the slightly-tapered second head. A blacksmiths hammer is mostly used to shape white-hot steel. It was initially designed for that purpose.

4. Rubber Mallet

This is the most commonly used mallet. It features a rubber head designed to handle soft blows. A rubber mallet can be used in woodworking, upholstery and on sheet metal.

5. Claw Hammer

This is the most common or recognizable hammer in the market. What sets the claw hammer apart from other types is the curved, forked claw located at the back, which makes it easier to grip nail heads. It is excellent for levering out nails, and its versatility is a significant contributor to its popularity.

6. Ball Peen Hammer

This hammer is mostly used by engineers. The main difference between a ball-peen hammer and other types of hammers is that its pein is rounded. It can be used to round metal pins’ edges, fasteners, to close rivets and shape metals. In the past, ball peen hammers were used as a vital tool in a fabrication method known as “peening”, hence its nickname, “a machinist’s hammer.”

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