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How to evaluate the ladder quality?

The early ladders were generally made of wood. With the development of the metal industry, aluminum alloy materials are now used; aluminum ladders are light, beautiful and durable, and the cost is not high. It is widely used.

In the supermarket, there are various of ladders, aluminium ladder, steel ladders and fiberglass ladders. Today I will talk about aluminium ladders firstly.

For aluminium ladders, there are also many different types, such as multi purpose ladder, telescopic ladder, household ladder, step ladder, extension ladder, platform and other ladders. Even each ladder has different function, but the main is nearly the same, there are no big difference, just used for different workplace, different usage.

When you check ladders quality, please refer to below points:

1. Surface finish:

1) Are there burrs on the appearance of the ladder?

A good ladder looks bright and shiny, and has a delicate hand feel that can be visually felt. However, it is not recommended to buy if the appearance is dark or if you feel it by touching it with your hand, there is a sharp acupuncture feeling, indicating that the production process and processing method are rough. If the surface is rough and the material is not delicate, it is likely to be processed with recycled aluminum Security risks.

2) Is the material strength strong?

Look at the aluminium thickness, usually according to the load capacity requirements, the aluminium thickness range is 1-1.2mm, if it is less than 1mm, it is not recommended to buy.

3) Is the connection tight and is there any looseness?

You can stand on the ladder and shake it. Is there any abnormal cross talk; check if there are any leaks or loose screws?


The four legs of the ladder should be on the horizontal line, and put the ladder on the smooth ground, stand on the ladders, then Shake the ladder with your hands, you will know the ladder stability or not?

Ladder standard:

Whether the ladder has any safety warnings.

Ladder load capacity: In order to prevent poor quality ladders from hurting us when checking the bearing capacity, we must first see what the maximum bearing capacity is. When the bearing capacity is suitable for the weight, we can personally inspect it. In addition: it cannot be aggravated all at once. Add some weight tests when you can bear it.

Ladder non-slip function:

The quality of the aluminum alloy ladder is reflected in whether it is non-slip, the main parts are plastic parts, whether the design of the pedal is very safe and comfortable, whether the foot of the ladder is very strong, and whether the ground is very stable. This is an important aspect. In order to ensure the safety of users, the quality must be guaranteed.

Ensure your safety, please choose the best quality ladder for use. It is very important. Any ladder choosing issues, please contact me. I will do my best to help you.

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