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How to choose and use the right ladder for safe work?

Firstly considering your work height, if you select wrong ladders, it will be dangerous. Or one that is too short or unsuitable for the task so choosing the right ladder makes all the difference when it comes to safety.

Below are four key elements that will help you choose the right ladder for the job.


Always take care to choose the correct standard of ladder for the job in hand. Our TOOLSLADDER have to meet the new EN131 standard, where applicable, with ladders having a load capacity of 150kg.

If you are going to use the ladders for commercial purposes, you must use ladders that have been tested for Professional Use with a load capacity of 150kg. However, if you are going to use ladders at a private dwelling for non-commercial purposes, you can use ladder certified for Non-Professional Use.


When selecting the ladder for the job, you need to consider the height that you will be working at and the height that you can safely reach to. We recommend always choose a ladder slightly higher than you might need to avoid over reach and follow the instructions on the ladder for safe use.

Our suggested safe working height is based on 1.75m as the average reach height of a person when standing on the maximum advised safe climb/standing height. The illustrations describe the maximum advised standing heights to different types of ladders.


When it comes to ladders the choice of material. Usually the first decision when it comes to buying a ladder is which material to choose.

Depending on the type and style, we manufacture ladders in aluminium, fibreglass and steel ladders. The materials we use have been chosen for their special properties, for example fibreglass is non-conductive to electricity, aluminium doesn't rust or rot, aluminium ladder is lightweight, easy to carry it, even a woman could take it, aluminium ladder also have telescopic ladders, it could be folded by very small height, you could take it into car or small space; so check out our full range and find out why materials matter.


Choose the right style of ladder to help you get the job done safely and quickly. TOOLSLADDER has the full range of ladders and access equipment help you work safely and efficiently.

You can choose your new ladder by the type of project you are working on – for example working around electricity or painting and decorating on stairs. See our easy to use guide to the most common projects where a ladder is needed.

I hope my suggestions is helpful for you!

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