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Automatic Robot production lines for axe and hammer

China's labor costs continue to increase, the prices of various raw materials are also rising, and the renminbi is also rising, which puts a lot of pressure on factories. Therefore, more and more Chinese factories are working hard to transform their production lines, improve production efficiency, and reduce production costs in order to increase their competitiveness. Our factory mainly uses robots to gradually replace labor by transforming production lines.

We Produce different Axe, hatchet, Splitting axe, splitting maul, sledge hammer, stoning hammer, machinist hammer, club hammer, the products have many procedures, such as forging lines, polishing lines, heat treatment lines, powder coating lines, fixation lines, packing lines. We are improving all procedures and remove the old machines, using the new automatic lines.

1. Forging lines: We are using new automatic robot forging lines. In the past, each forging lines have about 8 workers, our new machines only have 2 workers. we have developed 13 forging lines, most are Robot automatic forging lines. We design and develop the new forging lines, All forging lines are controlled by computer, so workers no need to operate all axe or hammer forging lines, they just need to operate the computer, so the workers are not very tired, they have High efficiency and high capacity, The products have high precision, Uniform shape and Accurate size. 

2. Heat treatment lines: For an axe, the hardness is the most critical, Pangu independently developed 2 fully automatic heat treatment lines, computer control temperature and time of quenching and tempering, reduces lots of labor, reduces production costs, with high efficiency and precise hardness. Pass German GS and British BS Standard, the hardness is qualified. Can pass multiple strict impact tests, the axe blade is intact. Pangu axe with high quality, sell in the world.

We have our own lab, QC will random test for each contract, and ensure each head are qualified.

Fixation procedure: Pangu import Hickory and ash logs from USA, cut logs to be timber, air dried, saw into square billet, make semi-finished handles, polish handle, handle humidity is 12%-15%. To make customers’ logo on handle, pangu factory produce various fixation spare parts. Axe Pull apart test pass Germany GS standard. Impact test is very strict test for each axe.Pass strict impact test, axe head fixed very well, no loose. Pangu axe with high quality, sell in the world.

4. Powder coating: In the past, all tools used painting, but now we are using powder coating. Powder coating is thicker thanpainting, so Powder coating have with good adhesion, and it is not easy to be rusted, most customers prefer to powder coating. Powder coating is environmentally and it has no taste. We have removed painting procedure now.

Main market is Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Australia and other countries. Our Group has gone through 55 years of development and growth. Work with one heart and one mind to meet challenges and create Pangu's beautiful future.

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